Arteriors mirrors – 15 luxury mirrors from 80-th

Arteriors mirrors


Founded in 1987 by Mark Moussa, Arteriors has been a leading provider of luxury mirrors, furniture, and décor for almost twenty years. Every single Arteriors mirror encapsulates Mark Moussa’s grand vision: innovative, antique-inspired design coupled with the highest quality materials and the expertise of seasoned artisans. Rather than simply being functional items, Arteriors products are pieces of art that you can bring into your home.



Arteriors Mirror Design


The first thing you notice when seeing an Arteriors mirror is the striking, luxurious design. Such materials as leather, brass, bronze, nickel, wood, and ceramic are molded by the hands of master craftsmen into daring yet understated shapes. The signature trait that is visible in almost every Arteriors mirror is a type of finishing called antiquing. It is this procedure that gives brand new Arteriors mirrors their distinctive museum-piece-like look.


Quality of Arteriors Mirrors


Arteriors mirrors are some of the highest quality mirrors on the market. This is hardly surprising, because every single Arteriors mirror is created by a team of master craftsmen from the highest quality materials. On top of that, in order to protect the brands impeccable reputation, every Arteriors mirror passes a rigorous quality assurance test.


Arteriors Mirrors Product Range


Arteriors makes a wide selection of mirrors. The current collection of Arteriors mirrors ranges from the minimalist Ollie and Dalit, which would prove to be a good fit in any home, to such mirrors as the Ariel, which—with its hand applied glass bubbles and an antiqued finish—is less of a functional object and more of an avant-garde piece of art. Despite the variety, every single Arteriors mirror is designed in such a way that it’s instantly recognizable as being a product of that brand and no other.














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