Bathroom oval mirrors – add beauty and elegance to your bathroom

Bathroom oval mirrors are a crucial element of any bathroom. There is a vast variety of bathroom mirrors available in the market today. The variance is in terms of their shapes and sizes.

Bathroom mirrors come in handy when styling your or shaving, or applying makeup.

Shapes and materials

Oval bathroom mirrors are created to add beauty and elegance to any bathroom. They can either come with or without frames. The frames may be wooden, metallic or plastic.

If there is no frame, the mirror will have slanted edges.

More than just a mirror

Oval bathroom mirrors may come with a shallow cabinet on the rear. This cabinet can be used for storing different toiletries. This kind of bathroom mirror may be surface mounted, or it may be fitted into a wall recess, in case there is one in the bathroom.

Another functional characteristic of the oval bathroom mirrors is that they are steam proof. For this reason, such mirrors are suitable for bathrooms that have a shower.

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