Crown royal mirror

Create Heaven on Earth using Crown Royal Mirror Decor

Décor and design is very close to my heart. The creativity and uniqueness that is put brings life to what that would otherwise be considered a dead room or place. I am intrigued by new concepts and that is what makes me want to invest in décor and design.




Crown Royal Mirror is so far one of the design companies that I have found very consistent in providing new designs in the market. However, with all due respect, I feel like my ability as a designer is not fully explored. I love to bring new modern ideas other than what I am used to.



My imagination is wild and I am afraid that my new ideas would compromise the brand. Clients are used to a certain design and bringing in new ideas would mean, changing the way the brand is perceived to be. Some people buy a design because the concept is familiar to them. Some buy because they saw a certain thing from a neighbors house and would want the exact item.



Taste is of essence when coming up with décor ideas. The main reason for creativity is to make a room outstanding and beautiful. To bring out a certain theme that the person wants. Living in an ocean is a dream that can be brought to reality by subsuming décor in the house. Sea plants décor and sea animals can give one the feel of being close or living in an ocean.



Décor is meant to make life more comfortable and wanting. Elegance is also a key when coming with a design for a certain décor. The effort and work put into a certain design should echo class and comfort. This enables a designer to sell the piece at a very high price. I want to be able to do all the above and maximize my ability to the best I can. The reasons stated above are good enough I believe to make me exit the group. I have learnt so much from the company and that is knowledge that will carry forward to my next projects.

I want to have the freedom to create a heaven on earth without limitations. That is what décor is all about. Heaven on earth.






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