Revamp your living room with 15 amazing Diy mirrored dressers

Diy mirrored dresser


It is rewarding and immensely satisfying to make your own furniture especially a diy mirrored dresser which is quite expensive in furniture stores. With a little bit of effort you too can build your own diy mirrored dresser or diy mirror dresser.

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Make your own diy project


Mirrored dresser diy or mirrored cabinet is a marvelous home decor idea. It is beautiful and eye catching. It looks fabulous in a glitzy dining room as it brightens the room and creates an illusion of spaciousness.Just as accessories complete an outfit ,diy mirrored dresser forms the jewel and glam up your living room or hallway,etc.

Ofcourse you need to put in a bit of investment but it is totally worth the effort when you see the final result. Diy project apart from giving a fab piece of furniture teaches you to learn the nuances of labour and enjoying the sweet fruits of your labour at the end.
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2 simply steps to renew your home decor


Firstly, If you have an old dresser you can start the project straight away otherwise search for old furniture on sale. Since it is an old piece of furniture you will also need sand paper to smoothen out the rough and uneven surface.

Secondly, Mirror is a great component for home decor ideas, as it is naturally glitzy, bright and clear and yes we are making a diy mirrored dresser.You can use acrylic mirrors as it is lighter, cheaper and easier to work with but it is not as sparkly as glass mirrors.Acrylic gems can be used to beautify your diy mirror dresser which will give it a bit of character.
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Another very important component are spray paints and spray primer as you will be redoing an old dresser most probably.Mirror and metal go well together therefore you can opt for metallic paints if you wish.I am suggesting this because most old dressers are made of wood and a metallic finish will give a nice touch to it.Wood paint also would do the same justice hence it is a matter of preference.













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