Extra large mirrors – 10 tips for choosing

Extra large mirrors can be held tight the wall either vertically or on a level plane. Its extra large size and delightful finish make it a genuine work of art!


Extra large mirror has a straightforward, exquisite wood outline with a beaded internal edge and a rich bronze leaf wraps up. The glass is profoundly slanted. It has such an exemplary look, to the point that it would be at home in any room.

It is a treasure quality piece, too created as the antique pieces which enlivened it! It has a cutting edge back covering to avoid oxidation and staining.


When you are prepared to install your new extra large mirror, put the mirror in the spot you are thinking about or on the off chance that you are hanging it high on the wall, have somebody hold the mirror up for you; venture back a bit and ensure the spot is correct i.e.

The mirror is not awry and you can see the reflection you need to in the mirror. At that point, stamp the spot with a pencil at the top end of the casing and take after the maker’s directions on the best way to hang your mirror.

extra large mirrors photo - 2
extra large mirrors photo - 3
extra large mirrors photo - 6
extra large mirrors photo - 7
extra large mirrors photo - 8
extra large mirrors photo - 13


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