Framed bath mirrors – 15 ways to give your bathroom a traditional feel

Framed bath mirrors

Framed bath mirrors are a must have in the bathroom. They are essential not only for helping you perform bathroom activities, such as shaving and applying face masks, but also for giving the bathroom a traditional feel. A bathroom that lacks a mirror usually feels like it’s missing some important element.

The best kind of mirrors to have in the bathroom are those that are pinned to or fixed on the wall. These provide optimal view and are also less likely to get broken due reasons such as frequent handling or any other. In addition to being fixed on the wall, your bathroom mirror should also have a frame. A frame helps to protect and add style to it.


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Choosing framed bath mirrors


Framed bath mirrors come in an array of designs and materials. You can take advantage of this and add a stylish touch to your bath area.

When deciding on what kind of frame to have for your bathroom mirror, it’s important to first of all be clear on what kind of appearance you wish for the frame to have. There are options of plain frames and also mosaic or collage patterned ones. Each of these three is an equally good choice. Plain frames portray class, mosaic frames signify affluence and sophistication, while collage patterned frames ooze color and vivacity.

In terms of plain frames, you can choose materials such as wood, metal, and vinyl among others. Wood is beautiful and blends in well with other bathroom decor and accessories. You can choose cedar or oak frames. Metal on its part offers durability and uniqueness. You can choose metallic options such as silver, copper, platinum, bronze, gold, and brass among others. Vinyl is also equally durable and is quite elegant too.

If you wish to go the mosaic or collage way, you can choose materials such as textured plank wood, pearl crystals, multicolored glass pieces, ornate ivory, and multi-material frames among others.



Shape and size of bath mirror frames


The shape and size of your bath mirror frame also matter. Since most homeowners usually buy framed bath mirrors in stead of having the frames installed, it is advisable to go for a framed a mirror that is at least 30 inches wide and 40 inches long. Your mirror should be large enough to provide optimal field of view.

Even though the shape of the frame largely depends on the shape of your mirror, you don’t have to confine yourself to this. You can get creative and have a uniquely shaped frame, only taking care to ensure that it holds the mirror firmly in place. You can for example have flower-shaped frames or any other creative shape.

Would you love to add a touch of beauty and style to your bathroom? If yes, make an effort and have your bathroom wall or bath vanity mirrors framed. They will certainly look better that way.
















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