Half circle mirror

Decorating your house with beautiful mirrors hanging inside will give a more promising look to your house. The half circle mirror is made up of finely curved glass with smooth edges, that gives a wonderful and phenomenal outlook that give more attraction to your home. We have different types of half circle mirrors which you can have a look below.


This is made up of a half circle mirror separated by two semi-circle wooden scrolls that gives the look of two half circle mirrors kept one inside the other. Further more, the huge part is decorated with five wooden scrolls that gives a royal look to the whole mirror, which when installed in your home.



Here you can see the Rising sun – half circle mirror which is separated by three layers of wooden scrolls, that creates a illusion of three half circle mirrors kept together. Below we can see a rising sun decoration, where the sun rays are decorated using straight wooden scrolls.



This is the Half moon – half circle mirror, where the mirror is kept plain without decorating its interior parts with any wooden scrolls which gives us the simple and wonderful look of a half moon.



It is also similar to the half moon circle mirror but the only difference is, the mirror’s edges are decorated with wooden scrolls so that it can also be installed anywhere in your house other than just hanging it around. (e.g., it can be installed as a makeup mirror next to your makeup table)


Closer look of the Rising sun – half circle mirror that reflects the scenery in front of it.

Half circle mirror


The decoration of the wooden scrolls in this half circle mirror gives us the illusion of two quarter mirrors are kept together, but in real it is a simple half circle mirror with wooden scrolls detailing over it. It gives more decorative look when installed as a window in your house.

Half circle mirror


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