Hinged wall mirror – swing it just like you do with a door

Hinged wall mirror


We all love mirrors, don’t we? Every home has a mirror. They help us in many ways, like when grooming when taking showers, removing objects in our faces and much more. Each time you walk out from your house looking stunningly smart, say thanks to the mirror. There are types of mirrors, but today I want to talk about hinged wall mirror.



What is this about?


Hinged wall mirror is a mirror a joined to the wall by a hinge(s) meaning you can swing it just like you do with a door. That movement allows you to set the mirror in whatever direction you want to look at yourself from depending on the angle and direction of light.
You can set this mirror in your bedroom, bathroom or any place you frequently use. It does not occupy any space because it aligns with the wall and you can set it in a way that the shiny reflective surface always faces to the wall whenever you are not using it. By doing so, you keep the mirror surface clean, and it does draw your attention each time you are around it.



Considering looking good without putting effort to look or lift a mirror, then try hinged wall mirror for the best results. This type of mirror is a must have in every house.











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