Ikea grundtal mirror

IKEA grundtal mirrors are much than a mirror. They are a style statement in their own sense. Lets find out how!

Classic round series with a smooth curved wooden finish. Goes well, if your decor is strewn with traditional vintage look.


Classic round Series with straight matt- wooden finish. Elegant when used in contemporary decor.


Standard glass finish (No borders/ easy to hang). A basic no-fuss mirror series that goes well with any interior.


Standard glass finish (4 point series). A standard mirror series for any restrooms and wash areas.


Bordered Double glass finish (Designed edge). Elegant for any living room.


Bordered Double glass finish (non-designed edge). Stylish nd neat for any room.


Bordered Double glass finish (Thick Dual Finish). The large size is best used for restrooms and wash areas.


Oval – bordered Double glass finish. A perfect addition for any living room.


Bordered Rim finish. Tasteful, yet refined and adds style to your living room.



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