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Ikea grundtal mirror

Décor, how much do feel about this notion? Today there is hardly a type of things where design décor can`t be used, especially in the sphere of flat and house design, and styled furniture. It helps us to stand out among others by showing the magnificent taste in everything that we wish. The number of décor elements is so huge, that even the most cunning persons can start feeling confused. Take a look at Ikea grundtal mirror website and you will be provided with some really interesting and unusual décor elements from all spheres that are possible.

IKEA grundtal mirrors are much than a mirror. They are a style statement in their own sense. Lets find out how!

Classic round series with a smooth curved wooden finish. Goes well, if your decor is strewn with traditional vintage look.


Classic round Series with straight matt- wooden finish. Elegant when used in contemporary decor.


Standard glass finish (No borders/ easy to hang). A basic no-fuss mirror series that goes well with any interior.


Standard glass finish (4 point series). A standard mirror series for any restrooms and wash areas.


Bordered Double glass finish (Designed edge). Elegant for any living room.


Bordered Double glass finish (non-designed edge). Stylish nd neat for any room.


Bordered Double glass finish (Thick Dual Finish). The large size is best used for restrooms and wash areas.


Oval – bordered Double glass finish. A perfect addition for any living room.


Bordered Rim finish. Tasteful, yet refined and adds style to your living room.



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