Ikea hovet mirror – 15 easiest ways to decorate your house

The Hovet mirror is one of the most popular and best selling Ikea product

ikea hovet mirror photo - 1It decorates many living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways around the world.  Dimensions of this mirror are: Width 78 cm Height 196, with aluminium frame, that makes it easier then other mirrors that size, and can be easier to move from one place to another. It’s also approved for use in wet areas, that might in some cases make Ikea Hovet Mirror suitable for your bathroom.

It can be lean against the wall. In that case, there are mounting fixtures to prevent the mirror from sliding on the floor. It’s good to know that different wall materials requires matching types of fastener. We must choose the right one for our type of wall.

The Ikea hovet Mirror can also be hung, horizontally or vertically, it has hangers at each corner.
No matter if it’s lean against the wall, or hanged, it can and probably will made your space looks larger.


To get some ambient look you can place led lights on the back of the mirror


The Hovet mirror Ikea has safety film that reduces damage if glass is broken. Some people reported troubles with hanging mirror on the wall, because the holes in the back are small and the head of the screw has a minuscule margin for entry into said hole, but that issue easily can be fixed on your own.

The Hovet mirror is sturdy and manufactured really well to return an accurate reflection. It’s not just another one ‘skinny’ or ‘fatty’ mirror and that makes it one of the most popular mirror for dressing rooms. It’s worth of mention that price of the mirror is very reasonable.


Care instructions:


For cleaning aluminum frame, use mild cleaner and damp clothe. For cleaning glass, use only water and mild window-cleaner; for wiping dry, use a clean cloth.











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