Ikea Stave Mirrors – A few ways to make your house awesome

Having a unique Ikea Stave Mirrors decoration in your house or a special setup is already mind boggling for the uninitiated. Getting 50 design magazines will not change anything, maybe it might make you more confused, regardless you can’t really expect it to even turn out perfectly, now can you?

Are you in the market for a bestselling product?

Looks pretty classic and also modern, many people would say that Ikea Stave Mirrors might even be too modern and because of it, you can say it hinges its usability.

Its length is rather short but that is only because it is made to fit a very small space that you have right next to your door or hallway, a space that would normally stay empty.

Just one position? Just for one room?

Not at all, your family will be able to place Ikea Stave Mirrors it vertically or horizontally, and due to its safety kit, you can even put it at an angle in your bathroom, maybe even slap 3 next to each other for a clear round view.

Use a clean cloth for cleaning dry, or a mild window washer and a damp cloth and it will shine like it just came out of the box.

ikea stave mirror photo - 1
ikea stave mirror photo - 4
ikea stave mirror photo - 5
ikea stave mirror photo - 6
ikea stave mirror photo - 7
ikea stave mirror photo - 8


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