Mongstad mirror – a touch of classic!

As items used in interior designing, mirrors are versatile. They can be used to enhance light, as art objects and also to create an illusion of large space in rooms. Not forgetting their most common use, to reflect images.

The truth is, Mongstad mirrors are one of the items we can hardly live without. In order to suit the different roles they play, mirrors come in various sizes, shapes and designs.

mongstad mirror photo - 1

IKEA Mongstad Mirror

Mongstad mirrors are well suited to meet your interior decor needs. One outstanding feature is the full-length size of IKEA Mongstad mirrors. You can hang it vertically, horizontally or lean it against the wall.

To facilitate this, Mongstad mirrors have mounting fixtures. The mounting fixtures prevent the mirror from sliding on the floor when it leans against the wall.

mongstad mirror photo - 2


With a Mongstad mirror in your possession, safety precautions are observed. The mirror has a safety film around it which reduces damage.So go ahead, grab one.

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