Multipanel mirror – 10 tips for choosing

Mirrors never go out of fashion when it comes to decorating your house. Inovodecor brings such classic and verity of mirrors to decorate your house. From its huge and versatile collection, one such mirror is Large Multi-panel Mirror.

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A Multi Panel Mirror is a mirror which has multiple sections on it either made from swelling class or wood panels. The come in a verity of size and shapes, but looks especially beautiful and attractive, when used in large size.

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It was usually used in the ancient times by the rulers and the emperors. You can still find such mirrors in the old constructions by the royal families. The places where you can still use such large Multi panel Mirrors are:

Living rooms – You can now use such Large Multi-panel Mirrors in your living rooms this gives a unique look to your living room just place a mirror on the wall and a small Chester drawer in front of the mirror with few pots of different sizes on it. And you are good to go.

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Hall way – If you have a passage in your house you can place such Multi-panel Mirror at the end of the passage. This will give a longer view to the passage and will look very elegant.

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Small Bathroom – If you have a small bathroom you can place such large Multi-panel Mirror on one of the walls this will give an illusion of having a larger bathroom.

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At party Lobbies – If you are a person who hosts many parties at your place and has to engage a large crowd at your place the best option to use these Large Multi-panel mirrors is to place the mirrors between the ceiling and the wall at an angle of 45degrees this will make the room more spacious and roomy.

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If you are planning to decorate or revamping your house and planning to use some mirrors then I would suggest Multi-panel Mirrors can be the best choice for you.

Let the ancient era come to your living rooms and walkways and be the talk of the town when you invite your guests in. Try to place the Large Multi-panel Mirrors at different places in your house and let it do the wonders for you. Happy décor!!!

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