Non breakable mirror – 15 reasons to stop worry about your safety

In the world we are living today, our security, security of our business premises and properties and also security in public places is at bay, Non-breakable mirrors which have come in different sizes and thickness such as 18(1.66mm)thickness, which are hard to break and can last up to 10 years without breaking are here for our rescue. If you have a young child with non-breakable mirrors you are less worried that the child will pull the mirror off the wall and break it or even get cut. The non-breakable mirrors comes with a reflection quality as a glass mirror that do not shutter or break, The non-breakable mirror can be fixed directory to the walls using screws or glue.


Types of non-breakable mirrors


Framed unbreakable mirrors

Framed unbreakable mirrors are made using stainless steel with polished clean welded corners. The main advantage of this type of mirrors is they are: Unbreakable, they do not shatter, has no visible mounting, easy to install, theft resistance, durable and they are also attractive.


These types of mirrors are used in prisons, schools, hospitals, shops, places where theft and crime rate are high just to name a few.


Acrylic unbreakable mirrors


This is a type of non-breakable plastic mirrors which are alternative for glass, acrylic non-breakable mirrors are made with stronger material, shatter-proof, safer, reflective, right weight and they are also flexible, Main disadvantage is in case mirrors break they are very sharp they also scratch.


Acrylic mirrors were previously used for outdoor purposes due to their weather resistance properties, today they are also used in fabrics, carpets and also home furnishing.


Unframed unbreakable mirrors


This non-breakable mirrors are made with stainless steel, this mirrors are shinny and reflective, they come screws for mounting it on wall, they are used in shops and furnishing washrooms. When installed they appear to be hanging on the wall making it look beautiful and luxurious, Unframed mirrors are less expensive.


They are used for bathroom fitting and furnishing they are also used in banks and shops.

Finally having looked at the non-breakable mirrors, types, their characteristics and usage, we now are informed and we do not need to put our life and properties at risk when the solution is already with us.











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