Parking garage mirrors – 15 reasons, why you really need it!

Parking garage mirrors

Ever tried parking your car backwards into a garage? Well if that’s your case, for sure you have experienced how much of a feat it can be to do such a task by yourself. Especially if it is a small garage or with a narrow entrance and objects around. You will always wish there is someone around for the precious visual indications.

The good news is: you can turn it into a simple, safe and straightforward task without the help of a third person. By installing a Parking Garage Mirror in your garage, you will dramatically increase the visual field behind you allowing for a much smoother parking experience.

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What should I consider when buying one?


The two major factors you should take into account before buying your Parking Garage Mirror are the distance between the driver and the mirror and how large is the area you wish to see. Are you driving a van? Or maybe your limousine? You will surely need a large mirror which will provide you with a decently sized image of what’s behind. Have you got your gardening equipment all over the place? Maybe you want to see the whole area where your car might be headed. In that case, a mirror with a considerable convexity will allow for a wider visibility.


What about materials? Are those important?


Parking garage mirrors should also be considered. Is it going to be used a public place? Maybe prone to vandalism? In that case, it is worth it the investment in an unbreakable mirror. On the other hand, if you’re pretty sure your mirror will be safe, an acrylic mirror will do just fine. Nonetheless, a glass mirror is never advised.

Another less obvious material consideration, is the one that will be holding the mirror, the backing material. Once again, if the mirror will be subject to adverse weather conditions or even just moist indoor garages, it is advisable to use steel or ABS plastic, which will have greater durability. If that isn’t the case, then a simple treated hardboard will suffice.


Parking Garage Mirror: a must have


Whether you have a tiny garage or you’re sharing a large one with your neighbors, a Parking Garage Mirror will always be an investment you won’t regret. With the reduced stress, greater safety and avoided unnecessary expenses on car and material damage, you might even be wondering why you didn’t acquire your Parking Garage Mirror already.








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