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Round mirror ikea – an illusion of magic in entertainment

Round mirror ikea


Smoke and mirrors are famous for creating an illusion of magic in entertainment. Sans the smoke, mirrors can do the same for you when decorating. Celebrity decorators swear by them, every decorating company from Ikea to Target carries them and Feng Shui goes into elaborate detail on how to place them. Here are a few reasons to consider tapping into the magic of mirrors.

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You can personalize any room with a mirror to reflect you and your unique style. Whether you buy an Ikea round mirror to soften the edges of square furniture or make a one-of-a-kind work of art that (politely) hollers you, a mirror can make a statement or fit in with any theme. Decorators claim they also bring sophistication to any room.
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Usually this is not a good thing. But when it comes to mirrors, this can be fantastic. Mirrors can magically enlarge narrow stairs, hallways or tiny rooms by bouncing light or special views (think your favorite artwork) around until that tiny space seems much bigger.
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Placed correctly, Ikea round mirrors can multiply and bounce around light from a window or light fixture. Not only does this liven up a room, but it saves energy and money by giving you more light for less wattage.
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Not only do mirrors increase light, style, and confident grins, Feng Shui believes mirrors can double your health, happiness or wealth. They do this by symbolically doubling the image they reflect. So when you are trying to find a spot for that gorgeous, round Ikea mirror, don’t have it face the toilet.
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Besides increasing light, saving energy and money, mirrors are useful for checking yourself out before you open the door. If you have ever had a piece of spinach stuck between your teeth or cereal from an enthusiastic toddler in your hair, you’ll appreciate a strategically placed mirror.
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So the next time you want to bring style, function and personality to a room, think mirrors. The magic they create can amaze you!
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