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Apart from being a necessary item in every household, round mirrors can be an excellent element of décor for any room in the house. Round mirror Ikea can provide you with a variety of ideas of how you can make your room both functional and fashionable.




A mirror helps to visually open up space and the rooms feel bigger. But don’t stop here; by using the mirrors to fulfill just this one function and missing the opportunity to enhance your home décor with them.



To get away from traditional bathroom set up, decorate it with a round mirror. Such mirror will be a perfect starting point for all the other elements. Color-coordinate all other items with the frame of the mirror.



A mirror in the entrance hall will set a tone for a minimalist vintage home décor. The mirror will be love at first sight for your guest. Not to mention the fact that it is important to check out how you look on the way out.



The circular shape of a mirror will add a chic factor to bedrooms, living-rooms, entryways and bathrooms alike. The beauty of it is that it is both decorative and functional.


If a round mirror is large, it can actually function as a piece of furniture.A round mirror in the room will instantly draw attention to itself. It is important to carefully choose the pieces of décor surrounding such mirror.



The softness of a round mirror is a perfect contrast with sharp clean lines of the other furniture. A simple but trendy mirror can be a good balance for colorful accents in the room or intricate-patterned wallpaper.



An interestingly framed mirror can add texture to the walls and brighten the space. You can use a mirror as a central décor piece and not distract from it by other intricate elements. A circular mirror complements the décor of a bedroom. However, try not to place it opposite the bed.

In the dining room mirrors, allow more light to travel through space and thus they can be an elegant way to highlight a collection of glassware or crystal.

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