Key Consideration when Choosing a Wall mount full length mirror

Wall mount full length mirror can be used in any room of the house, and as the name suggests, they display the full length of a person’s appearance. Wall mounted full-length mirror are relatively cheaper compared to freestanding mirrors which make them the optimal choice for buyers.

Nevertheless, there are considerations the customer needs to analyze before purchasing the mirror.

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The common type of glass wall mount full length mirror is mounting liquefied glass over molten aluminum metal where the reflective surface is seen through a sheet of glass.

The second category is silver glass mirrors where silver and copper are used as reflective surfaces. Another type is silkscreen printed mirror whose surface is printed with various patterns and colors making them more decorative in nature.
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Mirror Styles

Generally, of all the available styles, antique has the most complicated patterns with its frames finished in silver or gold. Antique wall mount full length mirror are well suited in informal interiors though they can be used in modern properties.

Vintage mirrors add taste in a house with large windows, wooden floors, or vintage furniture. The flames are finished with gold or silver to break the monotony. They are commonly used in distressed or weathered environments.




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